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MoonHome is a remote platform for all developers.

Being general is great, but it makes writing a generic step-by-step guide quite challenging.

Instead, here you can find a lot of small guides about different topics.

⚠️ DANGER! DANGER! ⚠️ Everything here is pretty much work in progress. While concepts, commands and code samples most probably won't change, a lot of parts require a better explanation.

— Tymon

Getting Started

[WIP] Programming Languages & Versions

[WIP] SSH Configuration File

[WIP] SSH Forwarding

[WIP] HTTP(S) Proxy


[WIP] Firewall

Hello World

[WIP] Elixir

[WIP] Rails

[WIP] Docker

[WIP] Node JS



[WIP] Visual Studio Code

[WIP] Vim

Help & Support

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